16 January 2014

And more wind damage

     I'm sorry we lost some coconut trees but was surprised that despite heavy winds the only ones that were downed weren't too healthy to start with.  They either never got a good grip on the ground or they were hacked with machetes over and over for years.  Many young coconut trees at False Bluff were planted by nature:  a 'nut hit the ground and just took root.  We've planted more than 400 new trees as we've cleared land, and each new sprouted coconut goes into a hole, dug just for it.

     And I'm not too fond of a green net over the roof of the house, but I like it more than I did when it was first installed. If it keeps the roof in place I can like a green net a whole lot.

     What I really miss is the little palapa.  The first structure, it was built as a field kitchen and continued to be used as a kitchen until the house was built.

     Once we had a real kitchen, the palapa was retrofitted and really became a palapa:  the plastic walls were removed and benches were added. It became a peaceful shady shady spot right beside the sea.

      A part of our landscape for years....and then not.