08 January 2014

Wind damage

     High winds lifted some of the thatching on the house roof.  We didn't lose anything off the roof - the winds just moved some things around.  So, we did what many people do to thatch roofs along the Caribbean:  we straightened out the thatch and put a net on the roof!
     The used nets are purchased at El Bluff and are huge, and so need to be retrofitted before installation.  A single net is cut into however many pieces are necessary to do the job and the edges are then sewn together.

     Installation is done by dragging the entire, newly pieced together net onto the roof where it's spread into place and tied down along strategic points.  (In the lower left corner of this picture you can see the remains of another coconut tree we lost to the wind, like the one in the previous post.)

     And at the end of a day of work, a nap's a good thing - anywhere you can get it.

     The roof is now protected against winds with a bright green net.