19 May 2014


     After long months of clearing the right of way, the utility poles that will carry electricity were moved to False Bluff, ready to be put in place. So boat captain Jimmy Anderson began to bring not only a full crew of men each morning, but as many as ten treated utility poles as well.  Pulled along behind his loaded boat, crew and poles came from Kukra Hill through the lagoon and up our creek. Captain Anderson stayed on site with the boat during the day and he was needed from time to time for emergencies.

     The creek is only about ten-feet wide and twisty as you can see in the pictures in the December 22, 2011 blog post.  It makes for a beautiful transition from lagoon to Caribbean. But it is not navigable by a nearly forty-foot long boat trailing ten utility poles behind like a dog's tail.  So just inside the opening to the creek from the lagoon, crew members jumped out of the boat and pulled each pole, one by one, for the half-mile long slogging trip up the canal to our dock.

     Then the crew got the poles, one at a time, out of the water, onto the dock, up the walkway and into to our front yard, ready and waiting for placement.