30 August 2014


     I heard that a missing bolt kept this baby in a garage in El Bluff, which is about eight miles south of us as the fishes swim. But one morning it showed up in our front yard full of men and equipment - after traveling up the beach, or in the water, or both, depending...farting all the while
Captain Jimmy’s boat had been pulling up every morning for weeks and weeks, loaded with men and supplies, and sometimes hauling even more supplies behind. The boat always came from Kukra Hill to the north, winding its way through rivers and lagoons and up the creek to our dock.  This thing carried men sitting or standing in the bed as well as reclining on the cab roof.
I have a hard time describing the truck so the picture will have to do that for me.

When you are accustomed to ‘remote’ and ‘pristine’ having a combustion engine like this one showing up in your front yard is a bit of a shocker.

And its spoor remained even after it went back to El Bluff.