16 August 2014


I read.  
I garden and walk the dog and cut grass and shop and cook and paint trim and do all the other stuff a day might throw at any one of us. But I haven’t watched television in about twenty years unless I happen to be in a waiting room somewhere.
Instead, I read...for pleasure and to learn new stuff and to escape. I read for most of the same reasons people watch TV, and though I have a growing collection of paperbacks at False Bluff, there aren’t enough books there to last a visit. Besides, I've read them all, some more than once.
My Kindle is one of the most important survival tools I have and I am appalled when I remember how, several years ago, I fought hard against owning one.
So near panic set in when my Kindle died last night, with only a week until a trip to False Bluff. 
A new Kindle was ordered about midnight.  
I took it from the delivery man’s hands at 930 the next morning.

If that ain't a miracle, nothing is.