12 March 2016

AI? Do I believe this?

       Yes...because I was there when it happened.
     You can buy lots of brand new stuff on the sidewalks in Bluefields: belts and belt buckles, cell phone covers, bowls of fresh cut fruit, mosquito nets, and bright white socks.
     But not all of what's for sale is new, like these barbie dolls.

     Or this little toy that talks when the mirror is pressed. It seemed ideal for the youngest of us with its bright colors and a cord to help prevent its loss.        
     When first purchased it seemed to speak Spanish, although it might have been a different language...it certainly didn't speak English.
     But the toy had a bit of sidewalk dirt and so it got washed.  After that it didn't say anything at all for awhile.  But when it finally dried out it spoke English.  

     Go figure.