28 March 2016

"...and who knows what the tide will bring in."

     We're on a long stretch of uninterrupted beach at my place...thirty miles, almost totally empty of people.
     And though I am saddened by the trash, mostly plastic, that washes ashore creating a nasty, unsightly, and heavy workload for us - every now and then comes a treasure on the tide, like the dolphin I found years ago (see March 13, 2012 post). 
     We get pieces of coral, odd seeds, lots of pumice, interesting driftwood, hand-carved primitive wooden oars.
     But the dolphin mentioned above has easily been my favorite for years. This hand-sized, hand-carved bird is a close second.

     Thanks to Jose who found this treasure and made it a gift to me. 

     The title quote is from the movie "Castaway" which is how we feel sometimes, even though we're only eight miles by water from a lovely Italian restaurant with linen tableclothes and waiters in tux shirts.