19 May 2016

Jacinta's tea: the product part

     I've had the tea that came from flowers that were grown at False Bluff and it is delicious!
     It's also a bit different in both color and flavor. Because the flowers have retained much more of their red color - I think as the result of being dried naturally in the sun - the tea reflects that drying method and is a lovely red. 

     Below shows the color I've become accustomed to with the store-bought hibiscus tea. I'm not at all discounting the flavor of the store-bought tea, though it doesn't taste as good as what's being grown at False Bluff.

     The tea grown at False Bluff has a subtle citrus flavor which is really nice and which I haven't tasted in any hibiscus tea I've had from other sources. I have no idea what causes that - and I sure can't get a picture of it - but it's a real bonus.