31 May 2016


      My thanks to a recent visitor for this panorama video of our house and FY (front yard).  False Bluff extends both north and south of the FY along the Caribbean although not all of what is part of our False Bluff has been cleared of scrub and planted. 
     The day of the video was windy, tossing around the laughter of children; and the sea was rough, churning up sand as the water rushed to the beach. 
     Our house, visible in the distance at both the start and end of the video, sits in the northern third of the property among some of the young coconut trees we've put in, many of which have begun to bear.  
     And the house is close to the canal that provides calm-water access for us and now for most of the other people who own land along this lovely stretch of beach...and, of course, for the increasing number of visitors and prospective owners.

     So far, the area nearest to the house and canal is the part of False Bluff that we use the most and is what we call the front yard - although, of course, the video shows much more than False Bluff and its front yard. 

     It's an incredibly beautiful place to be during any season, dry or green.