07 June 2016

Municipal market

     The 'main' market, the municipal market, is in the center of town... It's been expanded within the last few years to provide an open second storey for the vendors who sell cooked food - and for the people who eat it.  A meal here is one of Bluefields' best secrets: the food is cooked to order and is extraordinarily well priced.
     But if you're determined to cook for yourself, fresh is the word.  
     You can buy a bowl of fresh-cut fruit at the corner of the street leading down to the market.  The same woman I wrote about in a 2011 post is there still doing her thing, although now she has competition on a few other corners.

     As the photo above shows, you can head north along the sidewalk beyond the fruit bowl lady for fresh fish and sometimes, I'm sorry to say, fresh turtle - despite the fact that killing turtle is now illegal during most of the year.
     Or you can head south past the fruit bowl lady for more fish vendors to choose from (the little plastic bags in this photo hold ice, something you don't find on the fish along the north section of sidewalk).

     And, of course, at the end of this block lined with vendors -  fish on the street side of the sidewalk and mostly vegetables on the building side - is the municipal market where you can load minutes on your phone or buy such things as heavy plastic by the yard in a rainbow of colors, to honey, to three choices of white rice, to dried tobacco by the pound for rolling your own cigarettes, to cookies, to....well, the choices aren't endless - it just seems like that sometimes.

     (By the way, the structure partially visible in the left of the photo above holds a huge water tank, added as part of the renovation to provide fresh water, particularly for all those upstairs vendors who cook and serve food.)