08 June 2017

Above it all, part 3

     As I've recounted here in several previous posts, our remote section of Nicaragua is now electricity-enabled for the first time in history. 
     The national electric company ENEL (Empresa Nicaraguense de Electricidad) cleared a right-of-way, installed poles, and ran the wire along 26 miles of coast primarily to help Bluefields and "communities" along the way between Kukra Hill and El Bluff before the lines jumped across the bay to Bluefields.
     Since we at False Bluff are neither Bluefields nor a "community" along the way, in order to take advantage of the power running through the lines over our property, we were required to buy and have installed our own transformer...the story of our transformer's arrival and installation has been told here earlier.
     But don't forget the new kids on the block who are building their own house at False Bluff: K and L. Rather than tap into the already existing transformer and run hundreds of meters of wire beneath countless coconut palms that routinely drop really heavy litter they've opted to install their own transformer. 
     Here a crew from ENEL is carrying the transformer by hand ("by hand" is the way almost everything gets done in Nicaragua and particularly here at False Bluff) to their nearby building site where work on K and L's house is ongoing:

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     Once on site K and L's transformer is lifted into place by ropes and pulleys and attached to a pole very near their new house, ready to provide running water, ceiling fans, lights, music, etc.

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