17 June 2017

What we watch...

     Years and years ago when I first began to contemplate what is now False Bluff, I read and read and read whatever I could find.  And one of the things I found was an ongoing interactive conversation among people either already in Nicaragua or people like me - thinking about it.
     But there was almost nothing at the time about the east coast, the Caribbean side, which is where my interest lay from the beginning of this adventure...except for Big and Little Corn Islands. That situation hasn't changed too much over time. Some, but not much.
     But one guy from the United States routinely wrote about the Caribbean side where he was living in Puerto Cabezas (or Bilwi). His name was Allen and he is remembered still by a statement he made often enough that it has outlived him - a statement in response to a question he had apparently been asked a lot about what he did there: "Watch the zinc rust." Zinc is what metal roofs down here are called...almost always...and rust they do, almost fast enough to see.

     At False Bluff we watch something different, and not just because our roof isn't zinc:  We watch the sun come up over the Caribbean.

     Of course, once the sun's up we just get busy with whatever else we want to do with our day at the beach. 
     From this vantage point you, dear reader, can't see the sea but come on down and sit in one of our chairs and it's in your face!