07 July 2017

So much for watching the zinc rust...

     I've been a fan of fiber cement building products for decades (through familiarity in renovation projects) mostly in the form of lap siding. There are "historic" districts in cities throughout the United States and when an old house needs centuries old siding replaced, cementitious lap siding is almost always approved...although the faux wood grain fiber cement siding shown below is not usually acceptable...

     At False Bluff I used 4' x 8' sheets of Plycem fiber cement panels to side our first house. The stuff is impervious to termites, to rot, and to the damage done by the always present salty sea air. Plycem is also increasingly available in much of the U.S.
     I was really happy to find that Plycem lap siding, like the Hardieplank I'm used to, is now available in Bluefields where most of our False Bluff building supplies originate - not just 4' x 8' sheets of the stuff. Here a poster touts that improved Plycem is available at a Bluefields hardware store and is now Plyrock, whatever that means.

  One of the huge steps in the "evoluciona" of cementitious building supplies on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast isn't siding but the availability of cement fiber roofing. 
     Imagine a 1/4" thick roof formed to mimic ceramic tiles, impervious to most anything the tropics can throw at a roof! 

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