24 April 2018

Mother's in the nursery

      From Wikipedia:  "Mother plant is a plant grown for the purpose of taking cuttings or offsets in order to grow more quantity of the same plant."
     The first season after planting this rooted cutting of a very young oleander mother, she has adapted nicely to her spot in our nursery.  She will have a pale yellow blossom.

     The second season shows the growth of the 
plant (right side of photo).  She's tall and ungainly but....

     ...she's ready to donate cuttings.

     Taking cuttings from the our mother plants will not only give us additional plants to use and sell, but will help shape the plant for more propagation. 
     (By the way...I spent a few minutes deciding whether this post should be titled "Mother's in the nursery" or "Mothers in the nursery."  Either fits.)