19 April 2018

The working life of a coconut palm

     When a coconut tree begins to bear fruit (coconuts), it doesn't stop until it's dead.  The tree's production may differ with time, or with the weather, or with ill health.  But the tree's purpose in life is to make coconuts, whether anybody uses them or not.
     This photo sums up the work that's constantly in progress, showing the stages involved in producing coconuts throughout the life of the tree - from the top, or crown, down...always.  
     At the highest producing point of this tree are the flowers, those sprays of yellow (another spray of flowers can be seen to the right of those bright yellow ones).  
     Just below the flowers are the new, small, coconuts themselves that come from the flowers (and barely visible to the left of those babies are some infant coconuts).  
     In the bottom tier shown are coconuts that are nearing harvest time.  In fact, some of these coconuts are ready for harvest, depending on the coconut's intended use (but that's a whole 'nother story).