31 August 2018

Dinosaur eggs?

     Not even!

     After having planted hundreds of coconuts trees we're going to plant some more...coconut trees, palm trees, are such a visual part of beach life.  And we have enough space that I can't imagine having too many of them.  
     In the case of coconuts, which are just big seeds, we wait for them to sprout, which they do almost without fail, and then we put them in the ground.  
     But we facilitate the natural cycle.  Plant a tree.  The tree matures and produces seeds.  The seeds drop on the ground.  And this is where we step in.
    Sometimes, without interference, a seed might drop on or in an inhospitable spot.  It might sprout; it might not sprout; if it sprouts the new tree might grow; if it sprouts the new tree might not grow.
     Our interference involves providing an unimpeded location for sprouting and then our selection of an unimpeded location for growing.
     Most of these seeds are from trees I planted.  Will the circle be unbroken?  In this case there's no doubt about that.
     Here the seeds wait, open to the sun and rain and without competition from much of anything but a few pineapple plants.

Taking a detour here - which I rarely do...
     The song, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," doesn't have a damn thing to do with growing coconuts other than the obvious tie of the title to the way nature often works.  Sung over the years by the likes of Johnny Cash and his family, Joan Baez, Randy Travis, and lots of others, the song is a classic. 

     Here is a traditional rendering for anybody familiar  -or unfamiliar - with it:

      And maybe the best for last.  This version is also traditional but almost unique in that there's very little between the voices and the audience except a mic: