05 September 2018

Pick or pay?

     Today I almost bought limes for a fresh limeade - it takes two limes to make a really good limeade.  In the end I decided to just "walk away."  Aside from the "$0.69 each", there was the dubious claim of "Freshness."  I'll wait until I'm back at False Bluff...and it's worth the wait. 

      Although from the posts here you might think we only grow coconut trees, that just isn't so.   
     Our citrus trees are just beginning to bear, including two varieties of limes - and every day I have as many limeades as I want.  I pick the limes myself: they're not only fresh, they're free.
     The lime tree below tells the story of why it's so easy to enjoy multiple limeades every day. And this is just one of several trees bearing this particular variety of lime.

     Shown here are the two types of limes (and the only lemon variety) we have bearing right now.  The lime on the left is the lime found in grocery stores in Virginia.  Its skin is smooth and its flesh is lime green.  The lime on the right, which is also the lime hanging on the branches of the tree above, does not have smooth skin and its flesh is orange.  It's called the 'toad lime' because of its rough and bumpy skin.

     Both varieties of our limes have good limeade flavor; but the toad lime, my favorite, excels in the  flavor game.

      When we head to Bluefields we carry limes for family and friends...usually by the bucketful.