07 April 2020

Trip Update #2 - February 2020

After checking out of Hotel X we headed over to LaCostena to pick up our tickets.  They now have upgraded to a digital check-in system.  We bought the remaining flights for our trip, which included Big Corn, in the office which saves some online fees.  

There was a decent sized crowd of tourists flying east so we got to take the big plane.  Only a few of us got off when we landed in Bluefields, most continued onto Big Corn.  We got medically checked in Managua and in Bluefields.  They had already been preparing for the pandemic.

Finally made it to Bluefields and Caribbean Dream where we have been staying for years now.  It was nice to catch up with so many people we hadn't seen in a while.  There were some tourists staying there but not the normal number of visitors.  Hopefully that number will pick back up in the future.