28 April 2020

Trip Update #5 - February 2020

Our first trip out to the farm was a windy beautiful day.  The bay and the lagoon were a bit choppy.  

A farm wheelbarrow had been requested a couple times to help with the planting after the clearing.  We checked a few in the Central District and got a good plastic one.  The metal ones don't last in the salt air.  Tied it to the top of a taxi and headed to the dock to meet the boat.

A few months ago our caretakers had to stop some people that were getting ready to cut trees along the canal.  Doesn't look like any real damage was done and haven't heard of any other issues since.

Always a great boat ride up the canal.  Lots of nature to be seen.  The canal does need some maintenance to make boating easier.  Will see how hard that will be to get done in the future and then will need to set an annual maintenance plan.