29 October 2022


The first thing I noticed when I got to the Avianca location in Miami International Airport for my first flight with that airline was the curve in the ceiling and the roof.  The curves in both were familiar and comforting, like being at home because that's a pretty typical roof line in Bluefields, Nicaragua.

Avianca, MIA

BICU, Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University 

Hotel Escuela BICU 

When I began to look at available information about this roof style I learned the following:

  • there is a reduced emission of harmful CO2 gases; 
  • the roof construction is relatively easy to build;
  • the roofs are quite wind resistant;
  • there is always an increase of air flow through the building (I can verify this is pretty nice in areas where air conditioning is not the norm);
  • and - long thought to be true, but now in question - the roof shape transfers more heat away from the building than peak-roofed buildings