14 February 2012

A traffic jam in the creek

     Ever since the creek was opened a year ago there's been a marked increase in boat traffic to False Bluff. People no longer have to travel on foot through the swamp to get from Smokey Lane Lagoon to the Caribbean.  Because the creek is now navigable, more and more boats are pulling up to the dock that I had built during phase one of the project.   
     And I have yet to see a boat arrive at dock with only one person aboard.  There are families who want a day trip to the beach; owners of properties up and down the beach coming out to clean and clear their land; fishermen; hunters; and the occasional coconut thief.   
     Opening the creek has been a boon to property owners but we're also experiencing an influx of people who do not own property and are not satisfied with just stealing a few coconuts.   One of many things that will help with trespassing and theft is that more owners are planning to build, or sell to people who will build.