07 February 2012

New well

     The rings which line the well that was dug during the first phase of this project were poorly constructed, on site, and the rebar (the steel reinforcing bars/rods which add tensile strength to concrete) have become exposed.   This has caused rust to leach into the water turning it the color of weak tea.   The water's safe for laundry, strangely enough not coloring even white things, and for bathing.   I've even used it for drinking with no ill effects...but we weren't going to use it for drinking long term...so during the second phase, in went a new well.     
     Availability of water is certainly not an issue since False Bluff both fronts and backs onto water.   The big question is whether or not the water will taste salty since wherever a well is located on the property it's going to be close to the Caribbean.   However, the water in the new well is clear and sweet, fed by a strong underwater spring.   When the guys were digging and lining the second well the water filled the hole with an audible gush, working the pump pretty hard.   The pump removed the water while the well was being dug, thus making it possible to dig deeper and install additional rings down to the desired depth.  The rings that line this well weren't made on site but were instead hauled on the pontoon boat to False Bluff from Bluefields, all in one trip...making me glad, again, that I followed the recommendation to buy a pontoon boat.
Old well
New well
     Both wells are useful.