12 November 2016

# 15 - our very own transformer

     Having power lines in the back yard was too good an opportunity to not take advantage of - not that we had any choice about the installation of the power lines.
     People have asked why the lines were installed where they were...along the nearly barren Caribbean coast, often in swampy areas with guy-wires needed just to keep them upright. With the amount of maintenance that's going to be involved, why bother? Hard to see this leaning pole...because it's leaning into a bunch of trees just about in the middle of the photo. And it was too swampy to get much closer. 
     Well, I suppose we could have gotten closer if we'd wanted to wade thru the swamp but...you can do that when you come to visit and get us a nice close up.

     I've been told that the reason for the placement of these power lines (and perhaps this has been driven by funding because I don't know who provided the money) was to make electricity available to communities that have never had it, that might never have it, absent this installation.
     False Bluff is not a community so we had to buy a tranformer to get our electricity-as will many other owners along the beach. So far two of us have installed transformers; and at False Bluff we've got most of the house wired too. Momentous times!
     Never thought I'd have my own transformer but here's #15 in the back yard on the day...

     ...it was lifted toward heaven like an offering to the god of power.