16 November 2016

False Bluff TTG: more plants we have

     Some of the plants that we'll have available for sale at the nursery were already growing at False Bluff include the sea grape and the coconut palm.
     We're taking full advantage of the plethora of sea grape seeds by providing a 'shade cloth' tent and simpy throwing the seeds onto bare dirt. As a result we have several hundred sea grape seedlings.
      This shows not only the tent with seedlings; but, in the background to the right, some of our hibiscus...including a double white of which I could not get a good close shot.

     Each of these baby sea grape plants will go into its own pot before the tent is cleaned out to make way for a new batch of seeds to germinate...and so the cycle continues.

     And as long as coconut trees produce coconuts we'll have a never-ending supply of baby coconuut trees.
     Neither the sea grape nor the coconut palm have showy flowers but both are beautiful stewards of sandy soil with roots that stretch for great distances.
     And, of course, although not available at False Bluff until we planted it there, there is the zoysia grass that thrives right up to the edge of the beach and remains bright emerald green during both the dry and rainy season (and about which I've written so many times before).