14 April 2023

All in the family...the equidae family

Years ago I traveled with family to one of the British Virgin Islands.  When we couldn't get somewhere on foot we went in a rented car...and periodically we would come to a halt because of cows.

The cows would wander across the road in a diagonal pathway...never straight across like the chicken that just wanted to get to the other side.  The cows were on the way somewhere but never seemed to be in a hurry to get there.  

Or they'd get tired of doing whatever they had been up to and simply lie down in the road and take a break which sometimes turned into a nap.  There was never just one cow....whatever they did was a group effort.

And a tourist or even the occasional resident in a car didn't bother them one bit.  If they were resting in the road they'd occasionally glance your way, usually while chewing a cud; but if they were up and moving...on their way somewhere...they wouldn't even bother to look your way.

I learned that years later whoever's in charge of things on the island put a stop to cows in public.  They were banned to fenced areas...away from public rights of way. Sad for them, sad for tourists and maybe even sad for full time residents who'd certainly become accustomed to their presence.

The downtown area of Bluefields doesn't have cows wandering or napping in the streets although small herds of cows routinely graze in yards in residential areas a short way from downtown.  

But Bluefields has members of the equidae family...horses, mules, donkeys...but mostly horses whose work takes them to town.  They are almost always there because they're rightfully employed and town is where they work.  But every now and then there's an outlier just out for a good meal.

This guy's waiting for his owner, tucked safely out of the way of cars and trucks - and in a somewhat shady spot.  

I've seen this girl pulling a cart for years.  Her cart is usually loaded with fresh oranges.  Here she seems to be headed home after a delivery.

The mule doesn't look to be gainfully employed as it grazes along the sidewalk just a couple of blocks from city hall...on the same street.  But who knows...it may just be between jobs.