23 April 2023

Food, edibles, meals...choices in Bluefields

There's a fair amount of fast food available in Bluefields.  Much of the fast food is chicken, compliments of Tip-Top, Nicaragua's answer to KFC in the United States.  And there are at least two real Italian restaurants for pizza or a formal sit-down meal.  

But the best food in Bluefields is cooked while you wait and is usually worth the wait.  Seafood of many sorts - fish both salt and fresh water, shrimp, lobster.  There's very good barbecue.  There are pasta dishes at restaurants with real linen table clothes.  Most of these meals are accompanied by a side of fresh vegetables; and almost always a side dish of rice is at least offered.  

None of these meals is prepackaged or made with processed foods...you know...that stuff that comes out of a box or out of a can and just gets nuked?  

These meals are almost always worth the wait.  I have to say 'almost' because nothing is perfect...anywhere, anytime.

Breakfast is often eggs, cooked how you want them and possibly with fresh home-made cheese and some rice and beans...

At midday you can snack on a sandwich with fresh-squeezed fruit juice...

...or you might choose to have an actual midday meal that includes fresh shrimp...and fresh shrimp in Bluefields most likely means somebody caught the shrimp the same morning they show up on your plate:

or maybe you decide on a midday meal that's all fried...fried chicken, fried banana, and fried rice.  Fried food here is more like wok cooking than deep fry.

Or at the end of the day your choice might be a real dinner treat of asada and southern salad/slaw:

After breakfast and lunch and dinner you can finish the day with a banana split: