21 July 2011

How's the weather down there?

     It seems I've always known that at least compared to Virginia, winter in the Caribbean is 'better.'  Warmer, no snow, no ice, no frozen pipes.   What I've learned more recently is that weather in False Bluff is better in the summer too.   For instance, this week in Richmond is setting record highs with a heat index that's supposed to hit 115.  By comparison the temperature in False Bluff (8 miles from Bluefields) for the same days won't get out of the 80's.   

 (Richmond and Bluefields weather, July 20-24, 2011.) 

      The rainy season, Nicagua's winter, runs roughly from April to November and though it rains a lot it doesn't rain all the time.   When I was growing up I spent most of my summers in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains where it usually rained every day.   The rains in False Bluff are like that.   They come and go.