31 July 2011

A hat party, not a tea party

     There are a lot of children in my life in Nicaragua.   Here is most of the crew on Easter Sunday, 2011 (and a momma).

      Two children live at False Bluff:  a preschooler with her parents full-time; and a boy with his mom when school's not in session.   And there are children who are part of the household where I rent my Bluefields apartment.   I enjoy their company and we teach each other small things about life.   Gift selection puts me in a quandary.   Last trip I took each child a hat; and for the entire group there was a package of permanent fabric markers and a hat party at my apartment.   The concentration each child gave to a hat's decoration rivaled the concentration given current budget discussions in Washington, D.C. 

Overall, the kids got more pleasing results.