23 July 2011


      During my first visit a side trip took us up to the viewing platform at the edge of an active volcano.   The air was still and sulphurous smoke was heavy around us.   I'm told that at dusk you can see the red of fire.   A sign attached to the platform cautioned against jumping into the volcano.   I think about sign that from time to time - it was only in English.
      One of the products of a volcano is pumice and the beach at False Bluff is littered with pieces, the sharp edges of which have been worn down by the sea during their travel there.   I've picked up pieces as big as a shoe, but the pieces I like best are the little ones worn into interesting shapes.   There are gradations of color and some have more feldspar than others and almost glow. 

      I carry a couple of pieces with me, a habit I began just for travel.   TSA frowns on nail files and an emery board only lasts for about 7 fingers.   I have yet to wear out a single piece of pumice by 'filing' my nails. 

A small bag of 4 or 5 pieces makes a nice gift.