25 July 2011


     The next trips I made solo and on one of these trips I arranged to have the property surveyed, a job that took four people three days.

     The survey crew marked the north and south boundaries by chopping open a nine or ten foot wide path along these two lines - ah, those wonderful machetes.   The east and west boundaries didn't need a pathway chopped, of course, since the east line is the Caribbean Sea and the west is Smokey Lane Lagoon.   When the crew members cut the last bit of path where the north line meets the lagoon they were in water up to their necks.
     Although we delivered crew members and their provisions to False Bluff by way of the Caribbean we collected them from the lagoon side, just inside the creek entrance where they sat waiting for us on tree roots. 

     By that time there weren't many provisions left for them to haul out through the swamp.